Canterbury Baseball Association Strategic Plan 2016 -2019

Plan in review for 2021/22

CBA has a vision of a thriving baseball community in Christchurch and it is CBA's mission to inspire, lead and support the growth of baseball in Canterbury.

The CBA Strategic Plan 2016-2019 establishes the framework in which CBA intends to carry out its mission to attain our vision of a thriving baseball community.  Five key strategic pillars have been identified to achieve the CBA mission.  These are:

  • Sound Governance
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Growing the Game
  • Facilities
  • Increasing Participation

This Plan has set goals, initiatives and actions over the three-year peiod (2016-2019) in which to achieve the desire outcomes reflected by these pillars. Annual reviews are undertaken to track the progress (Dash board reports).

At the end of 2018 work will begin on a second generation Strategic Plan, with the aim to replace the 2016-2019 plan when it expires in June 2019.